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Natural rennet producer Hundsbichler GmbH
Österreichische Laberzeugung Hundsbichler GmbH


Hundsbichler operates on the basis of the fact that natural rennet is inseparably linked to cheese as a biologically valuable foodstuff. Its composition, which contains a variety of natural enzyme complexes (chymosin, pepsin, lipases) with their typical amino acid sequences, cannot even be approximately copied nor replaced by any rennet substitute.

The choice of the correct composition of natural rennet and rennet strength depends on many factors. Particularly decisive are the desired curdling time, maturing period, the quality of the milk and its pH value. Hundsbichler’s range of products meets all requirements for all types of cheeses available on the market. The company also fulfils special demands for natural rennet made from stomachs sourced from specific areas, requests for goat and lamb rennet, and rennet without preservatives.


The product range of
Österreichische Laberzeugung Hundsbichler GmbH


Natural rennet producer BioRen Hundsbichler rennet extract

BioRen rennet extract

Our liquid calves’ rennet is supplied according to individual customer requirements. Both the chymosin / pepsin ratio as well as the rennet strength is adapted to the demands of the cheese and the cheese maker. This product may be used for cheese made from cows, sheep or goats milk. Units range in size from 50 ml for domestic use to 1200 kg containers for industrial applications.

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natural rennet producer BioRen rennet powder

BioRen rennet powder

The high concentration of pure calves’ chymosin in Hundsbichler’s premium rennet powder (at least 97%) makes this product particularly good for cheeses with very long maturing periods. It ensures that the cheese does not become bitter in taste. The rennet powder always starts in the form of liquid natural rennet, which means that different compositions and concentrations may also be produced with the powder. The natural rennet powder is available in units ranging from tablets for 20 litres of milk through 25 g cans, up to 25 kg pails.

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natural rennet producer, BioRen liquid rennet paste

BioRen liquid rennet paste

Dolce rennet paste is best for highly aromatic and spicy types of cheese produced from cows milk and for achieving shorter maturing periods. Semi Piccante paste, made from lamb rennet, is particularly recommended for sheep cheese while Piccante paste, made from goat rennet, has been designed for goat cheese. These innovative natural products may be used just as easily as the company’s liquid rennet. The mixing and filtering processes required with conventional pastes are no longer necessary.

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natural rennet production, BioRen dried calves' velles

BioRen dried calves' velles

Some regions still require dried calf vells for the production of certain types of cheeses. To this end, the company dries selected vells from young New Zealand milk-fed calves. These are washed by hand, tied and inflated and dried as gently as possible in special air chambers.

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